Improving Your Children's Math Skills: 3 Ways A Math Tutor Can Help With Learning Calculus

Although American children are becoming more and more proficient in math, they still lag behind other countries. The 2013 NAEP found that only 42% of fourth graders and 36% of eighth graders were considered to be proficient in math. If you want to help your children better understand math concepts, particularly calculus, and excel in this field, get them a math tutor. One-on-one help from someone who has already mastered calculus can really make a huge difference in their performance. [Read More]

Writing Autobiographical Stories As Good As The Ones You Buy Online

Lately you've been reading tons of personal stories online and you are ready to tell some of your own unique and fascinating life history. Before jumping into the world of autobiography, take a moment to get a feel for how they are written. In this way, you can create and upload a fun and intriguing story Start By Writing A Journal Journals are a powerful way to make sense of your life and to break down the events that fuel it. [Read More]

How To Help Your Child Prepare For Private High School Interviews

Some private high schools in highly competitive neighborhoods will insist on making all applicants come in for a formal interview. This can stress out your child and make him or her not perform as well. In order to give your child the best possible chance of getting into the private high school of his or her choice, you will need to help your child prepare for these interviews. This will make him or less nervous and more likely to perform better. [Read More]

About Going To Driving School For Professional Lessons

Do you stick to public transportation because driving makes you too nervous? With the right kind of lessons, you can overcome your nerves and start enjoying the privilege of having your own vehicle. Your first step should be to enroll in a driving school so you can receive lessons from a trained professional. You will also learn about some of the road rules that must be known in order to pass the test for a driver's license. [Read More]