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Improving Your Children's Math Skills: 3 Ways A Math Tutor Can Help With Learning Calculus

Although American children are becoming more and more proficient in math, they still lag behind other countries. The 2013 NAEP found that only 42% of fourth graders and 36% of eighth graders were considered to be proficient in math. If you want to help your children better understand math concepts, particularly calculus, and excel in this field, get them a math tutor. One-on-one help from someone who has already mastered calculus can really make a huge difference in their performance. Here are 3 ways that a math tutor can help your children.

Look Over Homework and Assignments Assigned from School

Not all homework assignments are marked immediately. By the time that your children get their homework back, they might have already moved onto another calculus concept in class. Teachers are just simply too overwhelmed with the amount of marking and work that they have to put into their classes. A math tutor comes in handy in these situations, as they are able to offer your children immediate feedback on their work. Make sure that the math tutor only looks over the homework assignments and point out where mistakes have been made. The math tutor should not do your children's homework assignment for them.

Provide Additional Workpages and Questions for Review

Homework assigned might not be sufficient review or practice for young children to actually get a good grasp on how certain equations work or how certain equations are solved. A math tutor will keep up with the concepts that are taught in class and offer additional workpages and questions for practice. Some of these questions might be more advanced to stimulate a higher level of thinking. The tutor should walk your children through some of the tougher questions and provide examples on how to solve some of the questions. Doing additional calculus questions is vital in ingraining the concepts into your children's minds.

Spend More Time Exploring the Importance of Various Concepts

One of the main reasons that students lose interest in math is due to the fact that they can't grasp the importance of certain equations or concepts. Their teachers might not have gone over how the concepts were discovered, and the purpose of each concept. A math tutor can stimulate interest in math by exploring the background, history and importance of various concepts with your children. They can teach your children how to apply certain concepts in their day-to-day life.


Math can seem like a foreign language to many children. Putting the equations together and solving them might seem like a headache and a hassle for many students until they finally see the importance of the concepts taught. A math tutor like Study Wizards Tutoring can help your children stay on track and get a better grasp on how calculus works.